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Here at Fake Eyelashes we don’t just take anyone’s word for it when they make a claim as big as what Rapid Lash are making so we have done some searching over the internet to come up with some Rapid Lash reviews so you can get a better idea of whether Rapid Lash could be something to take over from 3d eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments such as eyelash perming and eyelash tinting?

Rapid Lash Review # 1

Rapid Lash Review # 2

Rapid Lash Review # 3

Rapid Lash Review # 4

Rapid Lash Review # 5

Rapid Lash Review # 6

So it does look as if Rapid Lash eyelash enhancing serum actually works but I do not believe that it can achieve the same results as false eyelashes and semi permanent eyelash extensions (3d lashes), but it does seem to work. Although it works it does seem to come with some complications such as darkening of the eyelashes and eyelids, one set of eyelashes growing faster than the other and itching in some cases.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these products before? Always check out our blog for info about semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash technicians, mobile eyelash technicians, videos, and other useful pages about eyelashes and eyelash products.

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Rapid Lash

by admin on July 17, 2010

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Rapid Lash is a company that provides an innovation in eyelash enhancing serums which actually works, or supposedly works? Rapid Lash promises that your eyelashes will grow in a matter of days but it is the real deal?

Rapid Lash Company Overview

Rapid Lash in their words = “It’s an innovative, safe paraben-free, high performance formula that helps lengthen, thicken, and improve the condition of your lashes and brows in as little as 30 days with a simple, once-a-day application. It delivers potent polypeptides to amplify length, thickness and volume, essential proteins, vitamins to replenish, condition and fortify, and other moisturizing and rejuvenating agents that replenish the lashes, while adding shine and elasticity .”

Whether this is true or not is down to you the buyer but since it has come out women have been going crazy for it so something must be working. Rapid Lash is not the only eyelash enhancing serum on the market but none have had the same affect as Rapid Lashes product.

Rapid Lash Information Video

So there you have it, obviously this is a video compiled by Rapid Lash so it is bound to offer the best bits but for a more real account out our Rapid Lash reviews page or our blog.

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Today women all over the UK and beyond are going totally crazy for Rapid Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum which apparently enhances the client’s lashes in some cases after only 4 days! Boots who have been stocking the item have been inundated with enquires to buy and even had client crash their website due to over capacity!

Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

By all accounts Rapid Lashes eyelash enhancing serum is a technical breakthrough with clients experiencing longer lashes after only a few days use but the way it all came about has been even more astounding!

Women with the eye condition glaucoma have been given eye drops to help the condition which contained something called prostaglandin. These same clients found not only that their condition was getting better but also that their eyelashes were getting longer. Because of these tests were carried out where it was found that nearly all clients involved in the tests eyelashes grew noticeably.

The Birth of the Eyelash Enhancing Serums

Rapid Lash was not in fact the first to produce an eyelash enhancing serum but they do seem to be the first to produce one that really works! Boots who have been the main stockist of Rapid Lashes products also have their own eyelash serum called No7 Protect and Perfect but this has in no way had they affect of Rapid Lashes serum!

The stampede for this product has been reminiscent of when semi permanent eyelash extensions or 3d lashes first came onto the market but as the price is much lower many more people can afford it. The need to grow the eyelashes ironically came from women going over the top with false eyelash extensions.

Enhancing Your Eyelashes Incorrectly Can Stunt Growth

False eyelashes are available in shops all over the UK and unlike 3d eyelash extensions you can apply them yourself. Women wanting the same exaggerated look as Katie Price and Cheryl Cole not knowing that they get theirs done by professionals have began to apply false eyelash extensions in twos and threes which is not advised.

Unlike eyelash extensions which are individual and lightweight false eyelashes are complete strips of fake eyelashes which are applied directly onto the persons eyelashes but due to the weight and the amount of glue that is applied this overly done causes great damage to the eyelashes and in some cases even stops grow totally!

We will continue to monitor the reaction to Rapid Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum and other eyelash serums to see if there are any side effects and if it does work as well as people are saying it does. Be sure to stay tuned into our blog for all future updates!

Check out our Rapid Lash reviews page

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Mobile eyelash extensions are not eyelash extensions which are on wheels as some may think but it is merely a phrase used when explaining the treatment a mobile eyelash technician provides when applying 3d eyelash extensions in someone’s home.

Getting mobile eyelash extensions applied at your home

The service Fake Eyelashes provides is a mobile one providing mobile eyelash technicians to homes all over the United Kingdom to apply eyelash treatments such as false eyelash extensions, semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming.

Eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments can be applied at your home, your office, a wedding venue or any other place within reason you tell us. It is most common for mobile eyelash technicians as it is for eyelash technicians that work on a salon that 3d eyelash extensions are the most common eyelash treatment to be applied as they are the most sort after eyelash treatment today in the UK.

This website is not only a portal providing details so you can book a mobile eyelash technician to come to your home but it is also a hub of information about eyelashes, eyelash extensions and all other eyelash treatments and eyelash related information.

Check out our blog, our videos and our useful pages sections so you can see exactly what we are all about.

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3d Lashes

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Not many people really know exactly what 3d lashes are, there are many people that have already had 3d lashes applied and think they are something else but they are not. We all know us women love to make our the eyes stand out and for that reason eyelash treatments and eyelash extensions are perfect!

Basically speaking 3d lashes are semi permanent eyelash extensions, or 3d eyelash extensions or individual eyelash extensions, whichever way you look at it they are the same thing.

Better understanding 3d eyelash extensions

So here we will break it down into the two types of eyelash extensions available which is false eyelash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are complete sets of fake eyelashes which are glued directly to the clients natural lashes and are only meant as a solution for longer lashes for a day or so, not permanent at all!

Semi permanent eyelash extensions on the other hand  are very fine individual false eyelashes identical to your real eyelashes which get glued one by one to the clients lashes until the desired look has been achieved.

So what are 3d lashes?

So what exactly are 3d lashes I hear you asking and the answer is 3d lash extensions are just the same as semi permanent eyelash extensions, just named differently. Some people will call fake eyelashes (meaning the full set lashes) anything from false eyelashes, false eyelash extensions, individual eyelash extensions and more. Semi permanent eyelash extensions will get called names such as fake eyelashes, individual eyelashes, 3d eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and more.

You will see the same names will be used for each of the different types of eyelash treatments and professional eyelash technicians will understand the different and correct them but in an everyday persons mind the are both right. Both semi permanent eyelash extensions and false eyelash extensions are individual eyelash extensions except one is a full set and the other is individual pieces, I am confusing your right?

For more info about the topic check out this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyelash_extensions

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