How To Apply False Eyelashes + 3D Lashes Videos

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Fake Eyelashes here shows you if it is possible to apply false eyelashes by yourself and also shows you semi permanent eyelash extensions being applied so you can see if you think you might be able to apply them as well. If you want an eyelash technician in your area of the UK to come to your home to apply false eyelashes or to apply eyelash extensions call the team on 07003450042 now and they will book you an appointment with a technician in your area.

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How to apply false eyelashes + semi permanent eyelash extensions introduction

We are going to start with a video showing how to apply false eyelashes; here we see the false eyelash strips being applied with the semi permanent eyelash extensions being applied in the second video. This type of false eyelash extensions are only meant to last for a night but if the false eyelashes get applied by a professional and get looked after the fake eyelashes can last for a few days and will still look as good as when they were  first put in.

How to apply false eyelashes video

There are many good reason’s to get false eyelashes applied rather then individual false eyelash extensions and one of them is the price of the new eyelash extensions. The other good reason for getting false eyelashes applied over the new extensions is the styles and looks that can be found which couldn’t be created by a technician applying semi permanent extensions. These styles did tend to be more extreme but we are just showing there still is a need to get false eyelash extensions applied.

How to apply false eyelashes?

How to apply false eyelashes is a strange question as it can be asked for a number of reasons. You have the first question which is how to apply eyelash extensions which is a totally different eye make up product. The person asking might be interested as they have heard about eyelash extension methods and they want to find out where to go next. Others want this information about how to apply false eyelashes as they think they may be able to save some money and do it themselves, you can’t!

Can I apply false eyelashes myself?

Applying false eyelash extensions is difficult enough done by a professional let alone someone doing their own eyelashes. Eyelash extension techniques have to be carried out by trained, insured and qualified eyelash technicians so even though people may act like how to apply false eyelashes if their not qualified don’t let them! How to apply false eyelashes is a question used less and less nowadays as more and more people that used to get false eyelashes applied on a regular basis have ditched other methods such as the new form of eyelash extension, semi permanent eyelash extensions or something such as tinting or perming of the eyelashes which can also work very well.

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Someone who has learnt to apply false eyelashes and has trained for a while doing the treatment will be able to apply false eyelashes securely, with not having to worry about them falling out that night and will still be secure a few days after with any luck. The application of false eyelashes is a take on the new style eyelash extensions that are single thin pieces of hair like fibres that get attached by gluing the extensions one by one to get the desired look mentioned in the consultation. In knowing how to apply false eyelashes all you need to know is that you only have to worry about two false eyelash strips that need to be attached and can be done by hand where as the semi permanent eyelash extensions are applied using a set of tweezers and in some cases the technician will be using a microscope glass especially made for applying eyelash extensions.

How to apply semi permanent eyelash extensions

Applying semi permanent eyelashes is something that once learnt, has to be mastered with a degree of expertise to be able to know that when they are attaching eyelash extensions the client will stay attached to them for weeks to come. The eyelash technician is applying extensions that are going to stay in for at least 3 weeks if done correctly and give the client their money’s worth. If they are able to do that they will get a great client base that tells the world about their new eyelash technician.

How to apply semi permanent eyelash extensions video

What to look out for when getting eyelash extensions treatment

Whether you are getting false eyelashes or semi permanent eyelash extensions you have to get someone that is qualified to perform such an act as it’s just a waste of time and money. Many companies which provide the best products will not allow you to buy their products unless you have trained and passed with them and with the need for you to be insured to apply false eyelashes and other eyelash extension treatments, this means the best products are out of your reach unless you have done the training so your stuck with the original cheap products. If you get false eyelashes applied by a mobile eyelash technician that is good and stay in for the amount of time that the technician told you then you will continue to come back again and again feeling as if getting false eyelashes applied is an investment rather than a fee.

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If you need to know anything more about how to apply false eyelashes and how to apply semi permanent eyelash extensions, email us at and if you would prefer to book false eyelashes or eyelash extensions to be applied by one of our eyelash technicians then call 07003450042 and you could be getting eyelash treatments done today in your.

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