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Eyelashes are small hairs which are attached to the top and bottom eyelids and are very soft and very small. Here’s some information about eyelashes which you might be interested in if you are interested in eyelashes being extended. The eyelids act as a shield with the eyelashes an extra barrier which is used to help keep out any dirt and other unwanted things from your eyes as we know the eyes are one of if not THE most delicate part of the body and one we want to keep intact.

You can have your eyelashes made longer

For years us women have just different techniques to make your eyes and eyelashes stand out more as many women get told “they have lovely eyes” when really its the ‘eyelashes’ which make them stand out. Methods to make the eyes more prominent have been going on for hundreds of years starting when make up came on the scene used to make the eyes the focal point, the extension of eyelashes coming alot later. Eyelashes were first extended by the old full sets of fake eyelashes that came in strips looking like sets of eyelashes that were then made to stay on the eyelashes with eyelash glue.

These eyelash extension methods were somewhat short in life with the extensions only staying untill the next day with the treatment being very much a quick solution for a big night out. These false eyelashes are still available to this day that help you to extend your eyelashes and some people will use nothing else for certain looks that cannot be made with the new eyelash extensions we have today. False eyelashes are made in one particular style but some of the styles made would not ever succeed on real eyelashes because they are too complex. These eyelashes are used mainly for a night out where the party goer wants a different colour or a mad style that they would never wear to the shops but looks extravagant on a night out with the girls.

Types of fake eyelashes

There are so many different types of fake eyelashes available that you are simply spoilt for choice with even ‘Girls Aloud’ getting in on the action with their own Eylure range. Now eyelashes don’t have such a tough time getting ruined underneath big strips of imitation eyelashes that were meant to be attached to the eyelashes in one go, now it’s more sophisticated. Now on top of synthetic eyelashes you have feather eyelashes and mink eyelashes to name a few of the more high end fashion choices for eyelash extension products.

Eyelash extensions nowaday’s are semi permanent meaning they will last for as long as humanly possible or when they fall out because you did not treat your eyelashes in the correct manner. One thing with semi permanent eyelash extensions being attached to your eyelashes means you don’t have to wear mascara, ITS NOT NEEDED!! When I say it’s not needed it CAN be used in conjunction but it is not needed and the reason for getting false eyelashes is to look long and natural, not “you got your eyelashes extended I see”? The women of the world seem to have a fascination with extended eyelashes and ever since the first fake eyelashes were unveiled women have used those more and more creating a need to make them better and giving us a much better eyelash products in turn.

Other options to extend your eyelashes

Other options for extending your eyelashes are things like eyelash tinting and eyelash perming which can both work as well if not better than other ways to extend your eyelashes. Eyelash Perming, as the name suggests, is a way to extend your eyelashes by giving them a perm. If you have long eyelashes already and when you get eyelash extensions you only get them slightly extended, eyelash perming may be perfect for you and you might save a bit of money. Eyelash tinting is another way making your eyelashes look longer and if you have light coloured eyelashes you might get as much benefit as someone with long eyelashes and eyelash perming.

I hope we have given enough info about eyelashes and showed you every way to extend your eyelashes so you can make better choices when getting your eyelashes extended.

Pages you need to see such as how to apply false eyelashes, how to remove false eyelashes and how to clean false eyelashes are now on the site ready to go!!

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