Get eyelash extensions in Walsall applied at home

Mobile Beauty UK brings to you a brand new solution for getting 3d eyelash extensions applied at your home in Walsall. is now the top eyelash services supplier in UK. Get an expert eyelash supplier in your section of Walsall that is guaranteed to supply the greatest services. We will send our mobile eyelash extensions technicians to your door step in Walsall to apply 3d eyelash extensions, eyelash perming or eyelash tinting treatments.

Check out our eyelash technicians working exactly in (WS) Walsall. Click below for other therapists covering Walsall offering eyelash treatments but not with a Walsall postcode as their main location.

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3D Lashes applied in Walsall

3D eyelash extensions are incredibly well-known at this time because they can bring colour, volume and length to normal lashes! In order to offer the best services accessible, our professionals carefully apply eyelash extensions one at a time. You are able to choose the type of lashes, the shades as well as the width before beginning.

Eyelash perming treatments in Walsall

Eyelash Perming is a great way to provide your lashes more volume and stylize them. Long lashes are suiting for all kinds of treatments that we offer. A good eyelash perming treatment will do wonders for your face.

Lash tints carried out in the comfort of your house in Walsall

Eyelash tinting is a treatment that is only suiting for several kinds of lashes. Lash tinting is a unique method in which the eyelashes get a tone of dark so they have more volume. Vital for our clients which have colored lashes; lash tinting is even better than mascara.

Professionally applied false eyelashes in Walsall

False lashes are one of the most famous and solicited services. False or fake eyelashes are complete strips of false eyelashes can be applied in one go with special eyelash glue. False lashes cost very little and can be easily obtained online or in nearby shops. Our mobile lash technicians have the ability to offer these for you personally.

Hire one of our finest lash gurus in Walsall to come at your location and provide good quality services! You should use our new internet booking program to find an eyelash technician that you would like in Walsall!