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Eyelash extensions in Stockport are provided by Fake Eyelashes bringing eyelash extension treatments into your home. Our technicians have some of the best eyelash products on the market and provide services in Stockport such as eyelash tinting, eyelash perming, 3d eyelash extensions and false eyelash extensions in your home.

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3D Eyelash extensions in Stockport

Eyelash extensions have become the most popular beauty treatment in the UK last year and nothing looks like stopping them this year as more and more people in your area have called us to book a set of semi permanent eyelash extensions. 3d eyelash extensions are the only eyelash extensions available where people are not able to tell that they are actually fake, nothing on the market as of yet can achieve this effect!

The technician will now take the fake lashes with care and dip them into the eyelash glue which is specially made for eyelash treatments, after this is done the lashes will be applied to the clients natural lashes one by one until the treatment is done. Now the technician will aim to design the look the clients wants by building on top of the clients natural lashes with the false ones. The whole point of 3d eyelash extensions and any type of eyelash extensions for that matter is to lengthen the client lashes to a point where mascara or any other type of eyelash enhancements are not needed. No matter what day you need to get semi permanent eyelash extensions applied Fake Eyelashes will be able to send one of their eyelash technicians in Stockport to your home to provide the service.

False eyelashes applied all over Stockport

False eyelashes were the first type of eyelash extensions to hit the market and led the way for years as the ONLY treatment to get when looking to enhance your eyelashes. The weight of the false eyelashes coupled with the fact they are only meant for a night means it is better to get a professional to apply the lashes as they are likely to fall out not done by some professional. False eyelashes have a long reign at the top but as soon as 3d lashes came onto the market false eyelash extensions became a non entity in most beauty circles around the world.

Getting false eyelashes applied is still a valid option as styles and colours available with false eyelash extensions would not ever be able to be created with individual eyelash extensions. 3d eyelash extensions being that they are individual they are light t the point you wouldn’t even notice them being there, false eyelashes on the other hand are heavy and are very noticeable. You can get some really unique styles with false eyelash extensions that you couldn’t do with 3d eyelash extensions.

Eyelash tinting in Stockport from Fake Eyelashes

Eyelash tinting is a treatment which tints the lashes a darker colour than they are to make then look longer and fuller. Eyelash tinting is not as well known as perming and extensions and due to this is not as used as the other two; eyelash tinting can have a massive effect and should be considered. Get your eyelashes tinted in your home any day of the week in Stockport!

If you have fair hair you may find eyelash tinting becomes your chosen eyelash extension treatment as for light coloured hair it works wonders. Eyelash tinting not only works great with fair hair but if you also have long lashes you will find it works amazingly well.

Eyelash perming in Stockport in your home!

Eyelash perming has been about for years being the first type of eyelash extension treatment to be applied, although it sold its still used but not as much as semi permanent eyelash extensions (is anything?). Eyelash perming is perming the eyelashes to make them look longer and flutterier.

Many people’s lashes are not straight and go off into different directions; eyelash perming will make them straight and make them look longer and fuller. Eyelash perming lasts for a long time, much longer than other treatments; also lashes which were once going in different directions will straighten out and stay like that.

All of these services listed are available in your home in Stockport by just calling 07003450042 or you could fill out a quote form and one of the team will get back to you.

Take a look around or site as there are plenty of great things like information on how to apply false eyelashes, videos, our blog, info about eye infections and much more.

Don’t forget that Fake Eyelashes don’t just provide eyelash extensions in Stockport we also provide eyelash extension treatments throughout the UK so if you need eyelash extensions in London, eyelash extensions in Newcastle, eyelash extensions in Glasgow, eyelash extensions in Liverpool or anywhere else we are the people to call!

Always let the technician know about any eye infections you have had in the past as the eyes are very delicate and if you have had problems in the past you may react badly towards the products used.

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