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Eyelash extensions in Slough from Fake Eyelashes

If you are interested in getting eyelash extension treatments and you  have not heard of eyelash extensions it defiantly should be your next stop in your quest to lengthen your eyelashes as it is a superb product. Getting 3D lashes applied will make your eyelashes look as if they are longer and natural something that as of yet no other type of eyelash extensions have been able to do. These eyelashes are taken by the technician with a set of tweezers and dipped into specially made eyelash glue which is of medical standards so not matter if it gets into the eyes it will not cause any harm. With the lashes being applied the technician is working towards the look that the client has asked for. With 3D eyelash extensions you will never be in need of mascara as fake lashes create a look of natural lashes but with desired length. 3D eyelash extensions available in Slough from our mobile eyelash technicians who will come to your home and apply the lashes.

Treat yourself to eyelash tinting in Slough

If you are getting your eyelashes tinted you are getting your eyelashes dyed a different colour then they are. Eyelash tinting is by far the most under used eyelash extension treatment as it is not that known, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions are more popular although for the ones eyelash tinting works for you will find a group of people that wouldn’t go for anything else. Eyelash tinting is great if you have fair hair being that the lashes get tinted a darker colour to give the look of fuller lashes. Eyelash tinting with long fair eyelashes will work better for the person than eyelash extensions or anything else and in top of that they ARE your natural lashes. Getting an eyelash tint in Slough is so easy, all you have to do is make a phone call and we do the rest.

Get your eyelashes permed in Slough

People have been getting their eyelashes permed for hundreds of years but today eyelash perming is not as well liked as it once was. If you are getting your eyelashes permed then you will be curling the lashes to make them look longer and fluffier. Many people’s lashes are not straight and go off into different directions; eyelash perming will make them straight and make them look longer and fuller. Eyelash perming can make the lashes curlier and this effect should last for a long time afterwards meaning the client as a lasting effect as essentially the technician is sorting the eyelashes out. Eyelash perming has never been so much fun, call us not to get your eyelashes permed in Slough.

False eyelashes in Slough

False eyelashes are full strips of false eyelashes that are attached to the eyelashes; it was false eyelash extensions which were previously the only way to extend your eyelashes. False eyelashes may be applied by ones self but due to the fact that the extensions weigh so much the chance of them staying on all night is slim. Semi permanent eyelash extensions made entry false eyelashes became nothing but a memory as 3D eyelash extensions were so greatly taken to. The many styles created and colours available with them being in shops and the interment make false eyelash extensions still a very sort after product being a cheaper and more primitive version of semi permanent eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are only really made to be worn for one night though you may get more days out of them, being them being one full strip they are heavy and worn for a long time would begin to wear. If you are going out on the town and you want to do something a bit different then false eyelash extensions are perfect as they come in different creations not possible with 3D lashes, False eyelashes are prefect for nights out in Slough, call us to get false eyelashes in Slough today!

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