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Getting eyelash extensions in Romford is now as easy as picking up the phone, in fact that’s all you have to do and you can let us do the rest safe in the knowledge that we will arrange you and appointment with one of our mobile eyelash technicians in Romford to provide one of the following eyelash extensions treatments such as 3d eyelash extensions, false eyelashes, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming.

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Getting 3d eyelash extensions in Romford

If you are thinking of getting something done with your eyelashes and you haven’t considered getting 3d eyelash extensions then I suggest you do so ASAP as they are the ONLY eyelash treatment worth having. Getting 3d lashes applied in Romford will make your eyelashes look as if they are longer and natural something that as of yet no other type of eyelash extensions have been able to do. Taking the 3d lashes with great care the technician will proceed to dab the in the eyelash glue and then add them to the clients lashes until the desired look has been achieved. One by one the lash extensions get attached to the clients natural lashes build on top of the client’s real lashes until the desired look is achieved. 3d eyelash extensions in Romford have been highly sort after since the minute they were introduced and have become more and more popular in Romford. Romford is a very classy town with many females being way ahead of other parts of the country when it comes to what’s big in the world of beauty. Get eyelash extensions applied in your front room anywhere in Romford today!

Eyelash tinting in Romford

Eyelash tinting is when you turn your natural eyelashes a darker colour with the use of vegetable dye which is not harmful. The eyelash tint is really overlooked and in my opinion not enough people no about the treatment because of they did more people would get it done as it really can work wonders for people. Eyelash tinting being cheaper than eyelash extensions and lasts longer in some cases becomes the treatment of choice for people with light coloured hair. Fair haired people will find great benefit from eyelash tinting but if they also have long lashes they will find the treatment better than eyelash extensions. Get your eyelashes tinting anywhere in Romford today!

Getting eyelash perming treatments in Romford

Probably the best known eyelash extension treatment but not the most used eyelash perming has been about for many years but since the appearance for eyelash extensions has become far less used. Eyelash perming is perming the eyelashes to make them look longer and more fluttery. Eyelash perming will straighten out eyelashes which are not straight so if you have lengthened but not good structure you will find eyelash perming really good. Eyelash perming can make the lashes curlier and this effect should last for a long time afterwards meaning the client as a lasting effect as essentially the technician is sorting the eyelashes out. Eyelash perming in Romford is not as used as 3d eyelash extensions but if you have not had eyelash treatments before eyelash perming is a good one to go for to get you into the swing of things.

False eyelashes for nights out in Romford

In actual fact false eyelashes were the first type of eyelash extension treatment to come into the Romford and for a long time it was false eyelashes and false eyelashes only if you wanted to get your eyelashes extended. Getting an eyelash technician to apply false eyelash extensions to you is a good idea as you may end up wearing them for a few days, false eyelashes can be applied on your own but it is not admirable as the chance of them staying in for even a night is slim. Semi permanent eyelash extensions made entry false eyelashes became nothing but a memory as 3d eyelash extensions were so greatly taken to. Although false eyelash extensions DID get totally over shadowed and many people not ever going back to false eyelashes after trying 3d eyelash extensions only took false eyelash extensions to a different market, a market that wanted semi permanent eyelash extensions but could not afford them. The longest time you could get out of a set of false eyelashes given the weight would be a few days, and that would be lucky, if applied by a trained eyelash technician you would probably get more than one day out of them. False eyelashes come in styles not possible with semi permanent eyelash extensions, you can also get mink and feather lashes too. False eyelashes are really good if you need to do something different but you are not going to want to look like it the next day.

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