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Eyelash extensions in Nottingham are now available from Fake Eyelashes providers of mobile eyelash technicians calling 07003450042 gets you an appointment with an eyelash technician in your part of Nottingham to provide anything from 3 lashes, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming or false eyelash extensions.

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Eyelash extensions or 3d lashes as they are better known are the newest form of eyelash treatment and now can be applied by a professional in your front room anywhere in Nottingham taking away the whole getting to and from the place where you get them done making the treatments advertised as ‘relaxing’ really relaxing! We have many technicians in Nottingham and can provide appointments at short notice, book a consultation today!

If you are going for eyelash extensions, 3d lashes are by far the ONLY product to go for due to the likeness and the fact that they last for such a long time before having to get them re-applied. Picking up the lash extensions with tweezers the technician will then dip the extensions into medical grade and then applied to the client lashes. The lashes coming in legths anywhere from 8mm-16mm and sometimes longer, they also come in different curls such as C curl and J curl. The technician is not to build on top of the customers natural eyelashes until the style has been created. With 3d eyelash extensions you will never be in any need of mascara as fake lashes create a look of natural lashes but with desired length.

False eyelashes in Nottingham

The first use of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry was false eyelash extensions that are full strips of synthetic fake eyelashes, for many years false eyelash extensions was the only thing you could get if you were wanting to extend your eyelashes. False eyelashes extensions are attached to the eyelashes in one go as the eyelashes come in one strip to be applied at once. The once so popular false eyelash extensions got totally over shadowed by semi permanent eyelash extensions from almost the first day they came onto the market. The many styles created and colours available with them being in shops and the internet make false eyelash extensions still a very sort after product being a cheaper and more primitive version of semi permanent eyelash extensions. False eyelash extensions are the perfect for a fancy dress party or the like when wanting to look outrageous. If you need something different you should not be looking at 3d eyelash extensions as they are more a long term solution instead although you can create a more glamorous look. You can get false eyelashes in shops all over Nottingham, other types of false eyelashes other than the synthetic ones are feather lashes and mink lashes which are quite a bit more expensive but well worth it.

Have your eyelashes tinted in Nottingham

Getting eyelash tinting preformed is to dye the client’s lashes with a special product that if got into the eyes would not cause any harm. Eyelash tinting is not as used as other eyelash treatments, eyelash perming was the first eyelash extension treatment and eyelash extensions being widely known due to them being used all over the world.. eyelash tinting is the best if you have fair hair as it really gives a look of fuller lashes and its so much cheaper than eyelash extensions; fair haired people will find great benefit from eyelash tinting but if they also have long lashes they will find the treatment better than eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting in Nottingham has never been this easy!!

Get eyelash perming in Nottingham in your front room

Eyelash perming once the only eyelash extension treatment is not used anywhere as much as it once was mostly due to lovers of eyelash perming moving to eyelash extensions when they came out. Eyelash perming is perming the eyelashes to make them look longer and more fluttery. If you are one of many people that have lashes which are not straight but have length you should find eyelash perming to sort this out and have a long term effect. Eyelash perming sorts out lashes that are not growing in the right direction, for these clients the treatment will have long term benefits. Call us to get eyelash perming in Nottingham from our mobile eyelash technicians.

Get eyelash extensions in Nottingham from Fake Eyelashes today by calling them team on 07003450042 and we will send one of our eyelash technicians in Nottingham to come to your home to apply 3d eyelash extensions, false eyelash extensiosn, eyelash perming or eyelash tinting.


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