Eyelash extensions Newcastle applied by eyelash technicians in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

 Eyelash extensions Newcastle provided by Fake Eyelashes supplying mobile eyelash technicians all over Newcastle-upon-Tyne. If you want to get some eyelash extensions call 07003450042 to book. Eyelash treatments include eyelash tinting, eyelash perming and false eyelashes.

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Eyelash extensions in Newcastle-upon-tyne

Newcastle is known for its beautiful women and those wanting the latest beauty treatment go hand in hand. Women in Newcastle can now get 3d eyelash extensions applied at their homes instead of going to a salon to get them done.

We are raising the standards of beauty, or shall we say, enhancing natural beauty. The eyes are beautiful by nature. It’s the piece of natural accessory that we search for once we spot an attractive being. So wouldn’t we want to enhance it just so it stands out? Eyelash extensions and other eyelash extension treatments such as false eyelashes, eyelash perming and eyelash tinting all help to enhance your natural eyelashes making them look fuller but still natural at the same time. If you are interested in a more extravagant and outrageous look that is also something that can also be created with eyelash extensions as you can opt for the longer 3d lash extensions to be applied.

The eyelashes are important part of our defence mechanism. It is so sensitive that it sends stimulus telling our eyes to close once a foreign object touches it. But more than that, eyelashes can enhance one’s allure too. It might not be hard to imagine a person with no eyelashes. But just imagine a person with a full set of black eyelashes. Attractive, isn’t it? But sadly, not all women are gifted with those full eyelashes.

Fake eyelashes were invented for Hollywood back in 1916. But it was not trendy right after. It took more than 4 decades for it to be popular and almost a century for it to be a hit in the cosmetic market. It underwent a lot of innovations. The latest so far are the semi-permanent eyelashes, and nowhere has taken to the new style of eyelash extensions more than Newcastle.

Eyelash technicians in Newcastle and their craft

Individual lashes glued with eyelash glue directly on the natural lashes on your eyelids. Achieving this is no simple task, but eyelash technicians are very skilled. Just sit, close your eyes and let their dexterous hands do the magic. You’ll open your eyes and see those full lashes on your own eyelids. These are the most natural looking and effective so far. It can last up to months as it wears together with your natural wearing cycle. You’ll look at the mirror, and even with no make-up, you’ll say, “Attractive, isn’t it?” Our eyelash technicians in Newcastle-upon-Tyne are all fully qualified and insured so everyone is fully covered. Not only that but all out eyelash technicians in Newcastle have originally come from a salon environment so they are trained every procedure and technique needed to become a top class technician.

If you want to get some 3d eyelash extensions applied in Newcastle-upon-Tyne or the surrounding areas or eyelash treatments like eyelash tinting, eyelash perming and false eyelash extensions call 07003450042 and one of the team will arrange an appointment with an eyelash technician in Newcastle.

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