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Eyelash extensions in Leeds are provided from by mobile eyelash technicians in Leeds which come to your home to apply treatments such as 3D eyelash extensions, eyelash perming, eyelash tinting and false eyelash extensions

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3D lashes in Leeds applied by our mobile eyelash technicians3D Eyelash extensions and other treatments fitted at your home in Leeds

3D eyelash extensions came to the attention of the women of the UK a few years ago but with celebrities fluttering their eyelashes all over the shop this made the general public take on the trend as is normally the case and now 3D lashes are all the rage.. Even the most experienced eyelash technician would find it hard to tell the 3D eyelash extensions apart from real eyelashes as the product is so well made and throughout that they are virtually the same.

With tweezers the eyelash technician will pick up one of the extensions and dip it into the special medical grade eyelash glue, and then it will be applied to the lash selected by the technician one by one to create whichever style agreed beforehand in the consultation. One by one the individual eyelashes are applied to the client’s natural eyelashes to create an effect that the client has asked for beforehand. The whole point of 3D eyelash extensions and any type of eyelash extensions for that matter is to lengthen the client lashes to a point where mascara or any other type of eyelash enhancements are not needed.

Get false eyelashes applied in Leeds

Getting false eyelash extensions applied is to have false eyelashes which are full synthetic strips of eyelashes. Getting an eyelash technician to apply false eyelash extensions to you is a good idea as you may end up wearing them for a few days, false eyelashes can be applied on your own but it is not admirable as the chance of them staying in for even a night is slim. As soon as 3D eyelash extensions appeared false eyelashes became a thing of the past and in most cases no existent, I know many women that would NEVER get false eyelashes applied again.

If you cannot afford 3D eyelash extensions then false eyelashes are defiantly a cheap options and with many styles and colours not available with 3D lashes they still have a purpose. False eyelashes are only a quick fix as due to the overall weight of the lashes they are too heavy to have in for long periods of time. You can get much more dramatic styles with false eyelash extensions and in colours not available from 3D eyelash extensions.

Have your eyelashes tinted at home anywhere in Leeds

Eyelash tinting uses a safe product which is actually a vegetable dye so if it gets into the eyes you are safe. Eyelash tinting should be used more often as the women eyelash tinting has a great effect on will find eyelash tinting becomes their beauty treatment of choice/. Eyelash tinting works great for women with light coloured hair and is really only for them. Eyelash tinting makes the lashes look ALLOT longer and more full. Eyelashes tinting with long fair eyelashes will work better for the person than eyelash extensions or anything else and in top of that they ARE your natural lashes.

Get an eyelash perm in Leeds

The eyelash perm is the most common eyelash treatment being it has been around for hundreds of years and it can be done at home with some curlers, that being said the treatment has come in leaps and bounds and it is now allot more advanced than just a set of curlers.. If you have had your hair curled then you will recognise the eyelash perming equipment but on a smaller scale in some respects, eyelash perming curls the lashes.

Eyelash perming makes the lashes look fuller and longer and if you are someone that has lashes which go off in different directions eyelash perming will sort this out and should have an effect a long time after the treatment has been done. Eyelash perming can make the lashes curlier and this effect should last for a long time afterwards meaning the client as a lasting effect as essentially the technician is sorting the eyelashes out.

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