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3d eyelash extensions in Enfield

Eyelash extensions or 3d lashes as they are better known are the newest form of eyelash treatment and now can be applied by a professional in your own home anywhere in Enfield taking away the whole getting to and from the place where you get them done making the treatments advertised as ‘relaxing’ really relaxing! Semi permanent eyelash extensions or 3d lashes as they are also known are synthetic strands of acrylic fibres which when put next to real eyelashes can not be told apart. Taking the lashes with great care the technician will proceed to dab the into the eyelash glue and then add them to the clients lashes until the desired look has been achieved. Now the technician will aim to design the look the clients wants by building on top of the clients natural lashes with the false ones.

False eyelashes applied in homes all over Enfield

The fist use of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry was false eyelashes that are full strips of synthetic fake eyelashes, for many years false eyelash extensions was the only thing you could get if you were wanting to extend your eyelashes.. You should always get a professional to apply false eyelash extensions because they are very heavy and as they are only meant to be an extension solution for an evening you want to make sure they stay in ALL night! Semi permanent eyelash extensions were taken to so well because they are such a great improvement over false eyelash extensions, something that until then had been so loved. You cannot own 3d eyelash extensions without being trained in the craft unlike false eyelashes which are available in the shops and online. 3d eyelash extensions being that they are individual they are light t the point you wouldn’t even notice them being there, false eyelashes on the other hand are heavy and are very noticeable. If you need something different you should not be looking at 3d eyelash extensions as they are more a long term solution instead although you can create a more glamorous look. Get false eyelashes applied in your home anywhere in Enfield today!

Get an eyelash tint in Enfield

Eyelash tinting makes your eyelashes look fuller and longer which is really an illusion as all you have done is dyed them a different colour. Eyelash tinting is by far the most under used eyelash extension treatment as it is not that known, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions are more popular although for the ones eyelash tinting works for you will find a group of people that wouldn’t go for anything else. If you have got light colouring in your hair eyelash tinting id the perfect treatment for you and being cheaper than eyelash extensions it great for two reasons. On top of having fair hair if the client also has quite long lashes to start with they will benefit greatly from this treatment. Get an eyelash tint in your home in Enfield from Fake Eyelashes, if you haven’t had an eyelash tint before you will have to have a patch test at least 24 hours before you have the treatment.

Eyelash perming in your home anywhere in Enfield

Eyelash perming is not anywhere as used as eyelash extensions but that isn’t due to it not being known about like eyelash tinting. Eyelash perming makes your lashes curlier than they once were and can continue to have an effect for month on after the treatment. Eyelash perming will straighten out eyelashes which are not straight so if you have lengthened but not good structure you will find eyelash perming really good. Eyelash perming lasts the longest out of all the eyelash treatments, eyelash perming in some cases is more a treatment to take the lashes and give them a better direction of growth. Getting your eyelashes permed in Enfield has never been more simple, just call us today to arrange and eyelash perm in Enfield.

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