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Eyelash extension treatments such as 3d eyelashes, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming and false eyelash extensions are available to be applied by a professional in your home anywhere in Croydon, 7 days a week, 9-9.

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Semi permanent eyelash extensions in Croydon from mobile eyelash technicians

Get your lashes done at home in Croydon

Eyelash extensions or 3d lashes as they are better known are the newest form of eyelash treatment and now can be applied by a professional in your own home taking away the whole getting to and from the place where you get them done making the treatments advertised as ‘relaxing’ really relaxing!. 3d eyelash extensions made from synthetic strands of acrylic are virtually unnoticeable put together with natural eyelashes. No matter where you are in Croydon we will always have technicians nearby to come and apply eyelash extensions in your home.

Picking up the lash extensions with tweezers the technician will then dip the extensions into medical grade eyelash glue and then applied to the client lashes. Now the technician will aim to design the look the clients wants by building on top of the clients natural lashes with the false ones. You will never need mascara again with 3d lash extensions applied as they create the length you have always wanted without anything else added.

False eyelash extensions in Croydon from mobile eyelash technicians

False eyelash extensions are complete eyelashes which are fitted to the client’s eyelashes; this was the first type of eyelash extension treatment to use extensions instead of a dye of using curlers. False eyelashes may be applied by one’s self but due to the fact that the extensions weigh so much the chance of them staying on all night is slim. As soon as 3d eyelash extensions appeared false eyelashes became a thing of the past and in most cases no existent, I know many women that would NEVER get false eyelashes applied again.

If you cannot afford 3d eyelash extensions then false eyelashes are defiantly a cheap options and with many styles and colours not available with 3d lashes they still have a purpose. False eyelashes are only really made to be worn for one night though you may get more days out of them, being them being one full strip they are heavy and worn for a long time would begin to wear.. False eyelashes come in styles not possible with semi permanent eyelash extensions, false eyelashes are really good if you need to do something different but you are not going to want to look like it the next day. False eyelash extensions are sold throughout Croydon and you can also get them directly from our technicians!

Eyelash tinting in Croydon from mobile eyelash technicians

Eyelash tinting if you don’t already know in layman’s terms is tinting/dying of the eyelashes are darker shade than they already are. Eyelash tinting should be used more often as the women eyelash tinting has a great effect on will find eyelash tinting becomes their beauty treatment of choice. If you are someone with fair hair then eyelash tinting is the treatment for you being less costly than 3d eyelash extensions and can have the same effect. Fair hair and long lashes are eyelash tinting perfect match as the outcome is amazing and the price even better. Get your eyelashes tinted in your home in Croydon any day of the week from our mobile eyelash technicians.

Eyelash perming in Croydon from mobile eyelash technicians

Eyelash perming unlike eyelash tinting is a very well known product but it has been totally overshadowed by semi permanent eyelash extensions. Eyelash perming is to curls the client’s eyelashes with special equipment to make them look more curlier than they are. people with eyelashes which go off in different directions will find eyelash perming a great treatment which will make them look longer and fuller and will last for a long time, if you have long lashes also you will find great benefit from eyelash perming. Eyelash perming is fairly cheap and lasts longer than any other eyelash extension treatment so if you have lashes which go off in other directions other than straight you might want to try it. Get an eyelash perming in Croydon in your home for a change from our mobile eyelash technician’s local to you.

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