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Eyelash extension treatments are available to homes all over Crewe from our mobile eyelash technicians based in and around Crewe. For info on eyelashes, eye infections, videos and our blog follow the links on this site.

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Semi permanent eyelash extensions treatments in Crewe

Eyelash extensions have become the most popular beauty treatment in the UK last year and nothing looks like stopping them this year as more and more people in your area have called us to book a set of semi permanent eyelash extensions. The individual eyelash extensions are made from synthetic fibres usually acrylic and are so close to the real thing even the most experienced technician would have a hard time telling them apart.. Taking the lashes with great care the technician will proceed to dab the into the eyelash glue and then add them to the clients lashes until the desired look has been achieved. The technician is not to build on top of the customers natural eyelashes until the style has been created. With 3d eyelash extensions you will never be in need of mascara as fake lashes create a look of natural lashes but with desired length. Semi permanent eyelash extensions in Crewe supplied by Fake Eyelashes mobile eyelash technicians.

False eyelashes in your home in Crewe

The first types of eyelash treatments for extensions were false eyelash extensions which are complete str9ips of fake eyelashes. False eyelashes applied by an eyelash technician are guaranteed to stay in all night that is why it is better get a professional to do it as they can be done by yourself, semi permanent eyelash extensions are not possible to apply yourself no matter how go a technician you are. False eyelashes has a long reign at the top but as soon as 3d lashes came onto the market false eyelash extensions became a non entity in most beauty circles around the world.. If you cannot afford 3d eyelash extensions then false eyelashes are defiantly a cheap options and with many styles and colours not available with 3d lashes they still have a purpose. False eyelashes are only a quick fix as due to the overall weight of the lashes they are too heavy to have in for long periods of time. False eyelashes are great for nights out when you are looking for something out of the ordinary as some of the styles are out of this world. Get false eyelashes applied in your home in Crewe from Fake Eyelashes mobile technicians in Crewe.

Eyelash tinting in your home in Crewe

If you are getting your eyelashes tinted or are thinking about it but are worried about the tint getting into your eyes you should not worry as a vegetable dye is used which is sage if it comes into contact with the client eyes. Eyelash tinting is one of the newer eyelash treatments coming after false eyelash extensions and before semi permanent eyelashes. Eyelash tinting is perfect for women with fair hair as the whole idea is to tint the lashes a darker shade to give the impression of longer, fuller lashes. Eyelash tinting with long fair eyelashes will work better for the person than eyelash extensions or anything else and in top of that they ARE your natural lashes.

Eyelash perming in your home in Crewe

Eyelash perming was first in the eyelash extension treatments to appear and due to this is well known but not widely used. Eyelash perming is the curling of the eyelashes making them look allot longer and fuller. If your lashes are not very straight eyelash perming will straighten them out making them look fuller and should last for a long time after the therapy has been carried out. Eyelash perming straightens out lashes which are wonky and will continue to work well after the treatment has been done. Get your eyelashes permed in your home anywhere in Crewe from Fake Eyelashes.

We don’t just offer eyelash extensions in Crewe we also provide eyelash extensions in Edinburgh, eyelash extensions in Watford, eyelash extensions in Bath, eyelash extensions in Bristol, eyelash extensions in Colchester, eyelash extensions Ipswich and many more places.

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Always form the technicians about any problems you have had with your eyes such as eye infections as eye care is very important!

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