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Eyelash extensions in Cambridge provided by mobile eyelash technicians from Fake Eyelashes check out our therapist directory where you can view full details about mobile beauty therapists in your area, pick one you like, book and have a text and email go out to both your phone and the therapists so you can chat with each other.

Check out our eyelash technicians working exactly in (CB) Cambridge. Click below for other therapists covering Cambridge offering eyelash treatments but not with a Cambridge postcode as their main location.

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Sorry but we only have Danielle working with us at the moment covering Cambridge postcodes. Email us with your name, mobile number, treatment required and postcode and we will email/text you as soon as we have a therapist in your part of Cambridge.

3D eyelash extensions Cambridge

If you are interested in getting eyelash extension treatments applied and you haven’t heard of eyelash extensions it defiantly should be your next stop in your quest to lengthen your eyelashes as it is a superb product. If you are going for eyelash extensions 3d lashes are by far the ONLY product to go for due to the likeness and the fact that they last for such a long time before having to get them re-applied. Get your eyelashes extended by one of Fake Eyelashes mobile eyelash technicians in Cambridge.Get your eyelashes extended at your home in Cambridge

False eyelashes Cambridge

Getting false eyelash extensions applied is to have false eyelashes which are full synthetic strips of eyelashes. Applied in one go false eyelashes are better done by an eyelash technician being that they are only a one night wear product you want them to stay in for the duration.. The once so popular false eyelash extensions got totally over shadowed by semi permanent eyelash extensions from almost the first day they came onto the market. False eyelashes are able to be applied all over Cambridge from our mobile eyelash technicians.

Eyelash tinting Cambridge

Eyelash tinting uses a safe product which is actually a vegetable dye so if it gets into the eyes you are safe. Eyelash tinting is by far the most under used eyelash extension treatment as it is not that known, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions are more popular although for the ones eyelash tinting works for you will find a group of people that wouldn’t go for anything else. Eyelash tinting is great if you have fair hair being that the lashes get tinted a darker colour to give the look of fuller lashes. If you have fair hair great, but if you also have fairly long lashes you will be in heaven with eyelash tinting.

Eyelash perming in Cambridge

Eyelash perming is the most common eyelash treatment being it has been around for hundreds of years and it can be done at home with some curlers, that being said the treatment has come in leaps and bounds and it is now allot more advanced than just a set of curlers.. Eyelash perming makes your lashes more curlier than they once were and can continue to have an effect for month on after the treatment.

People with eyelashes which go off in different directions will find eyelash perming a great treatment which will make them look longer and fuller and will last for a long time, if you have long lashes also you will find great benefit from eyelash perming. Eyelash perming sorts out lashes that are not growing in the right direction, for these clients the treatment will have long term benefits.

Never forget to tell our technicians about any problems you have has with your eyes!

Fake Eyelashes provides mobile eyelash extension services and and around Cambridge such as:

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