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Eyelash extensions in Bromley

Eyelash extensions or 3D lashes as they are better known are the newest form of eyelash treatment and now can be applied by a professional in your own home taking away the whole getting to and from the place where you get them done making the treatments advertised as ‘relaxing’ really relaxing!. The individual eyelash extensions are made from synthetic fibres usually acrylic and are so close to the real thing even the most experienced technician would have a hard time telling them apart.. The technician will now take the fake lashes with care and dip them into the eyelash glue which is specially made for eyelash treatments, after this is done the lashes will be applied to the clients natural lashes one by one until the treatment is done. As the technician applied the lashes to the clients real eyelashes the technician will be aiming to create the look the client has specified. You will never need mascara again with 3D eyelash extensions applied as they create the length you have always wanted without anything else added.

False eyelashes in Bromley

Getting false eyelash extensions applied is to have false eyelashes which are full synthetic strips of eyelashes. False eyelashes extensions are attached to the eyelashes in one go as the eyelashes come in one strip to be applied at once. False eyelashes had a long reign at the top but as soon as 3D lashes came onto the market false eyelash extensions became a non entity in most beauty circles around the world. The many styles created and colours available with them being in shops and the internet make false eyelash extensions still a very sort after product being a cheaper and more primitive version of semi permanent eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are only really made to be worn for one night though you may get more days out of them, being them being one full strip they are heavy and worn for a long time would begin to wear.. False eyelashes are great for nights out when you are looking for something out of the ordinary as some of the styles are out of this world.

Eyelash tinting in Bromley

The dye which is used in eyelash tinting is a vegetable product which is very safe and harmless if it comes into contact within the eyes. Eyelash tinting is not as used as other eyelash treatments, eyelash perming was the first eyelash extension treatment and eyelash extensions being widely known due to them being used all over the world.. If you are someone with fair hair then eyelash tinting is the treatment for you being less costly than 3D eyelash extensions and can have the same effect. Eyelash tinting makes women with fair hairs lashes look really long and full, if the client also has fairly long lashes they will work better than any other treatment known to man.

Eyelash perming in Bromley

People have been getting their eyelashes permed for hundreds of years but today eyelash perming is not as well liked as it once was. Eyelash perming makes your lashes curlier than they once were and can continue to have an effect for month on after the treatment. people with eyelashes which go off in different directions will find eyelash perming a great treatment which will make them look longer and fuller and will last for a long time, if you have long lashes also you will find great benefit from eyelash perming. Eyelash perming makes lashes more curly, lasts longer than any other eyelash extension treatment and is cheap, how good is that?

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