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Eyelash extensions treatments such as 3d eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, eyelash perming and false eyelash extensions are available from Fake Eyelashes providers of mobile eyelash technicians to homes in the UK and Stoke-on-Trent.

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3deyelash extensions in Stoke-on-Trent

Eyelash extensions, 3d lashes, individual eyelash extensions, 3d eyelash extensions, semi permanent eyelash extensions and any other variation on the term have become the most widely used treatment in the world of beauty in the last year and nothing look like stopping them!. 3d eyelash extensions made from synthetic strands of acrylic are virtually unnoticeable put together with natural eyelashes. The process of applying eyelash extensions is tricky and need not only training but also practice. The extensions will be picked up with tweezers, dipped into glue specially for this treatment and then attached to the lashes. One by one the individual eyelashes are applied to the client’s natural eyelashes to create an effect that the client has asked for beforehand.

Getting eyelash perming done in Stoke-on-Trent

To get your eyelashes tinted is to dye your eyelashes a different colour than they are at present, the dye used is not the same as when dying hair it is a vegetable dye which will not harm the eyes if it accidentally get into them. Eyelash tinting is not as popular as eyelash perming which has been about for many years and eyelash extensions which are used the world over. Eyelash tinting is perfect for women with fair hair as the whole idea is to tint the lashes a darker shade to give the impression of longer, fuller lashes. If you have fair hair great, but if you also have fairly long lashes you will be in heaven with eyelash tinting.

False eyelash extensions in Stoke-on-Tent

For a long time false eyelashes were the only eyelash treatment if you wanted to get your eyelashes extended, later came eyelash tinting and eyelash perming but in the sense of eyelash extensions false eyelashes were the first type of eyelash extensions.. False eyelash extensions get added to the clients lashes on one go and are made to stay on for a night, sometimes they may stay on for a few days if you are lucky but only when done by a professional.. False eyelashes made the work of 3d eyelashes extensions easy as with semi permanent eyelash extensions the new product has been created so well that completely overshadowed something which until then had been so great.. False eyelash extensions are still worth getting if you need an cheap alternative as they are buyable from shops unlike 3d eyelash extension equipment, not only that but also the colours and creation that are produced with false eyelash extension which would be far too hard to construct with semi payment eyelash extensions. False eyelash extensions being in one strip are heavy so one night is the suggest wearing time, unless applied by a professional you are unlikely to wear the for many days but applied correctly and some have been known to wear them for 5-6 days. False eyelashes are great for nights out when you are looking for something out of the ordinary as some of the styles are out of this world.

Fancy an eyelash perm in Stoke-on-Trent?

Eyelash perming is the perming of the eyelashes which again is not as used as other eyelash treatments and something that should be tried in the quest of acquiring longer eyelashes. Eyelash perming makes your lashes more curlier than they once were and can continue to have a effect for month on after the treatment. Eyelash perming will straighten out eyelashes which are not straight so if you have length but not good structure you will find eyelash perming really good. Eyelash perming lasts for a long time, much longer than other treatments; also lashes which were once going in different directions will straighten out and stay like that.

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