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Semi permanent eyelash extensions Stevenage

Eyelash extensions or 3d lashes as they are better known are the newest form of eyelash treatment and now can be applied by a professional in your own home taking away the whole getting to and from the place where you get them done making the treatments advertised as ‘relaxing’ really relaxing! If you are looking for a natural look semi permanent eyelash extensions will give the desired effect making the lashes look as if they are yours and taking away the need for mascara.

One by one the lashes are taken with tweezers and dabbed into eyelash glue, and then the extensions are taken and applied to the carefully separated eyelashes of the clients. One by one the lash extensions get attached to the clients natural lashes build on top of the client’s real lashes until the desired look is achieved. You will never need mascara again with 3d eyelash extensions applied as they create the length you have always wanted without anything else added.

Get some false eyelash extensions in Stevenage

Getting false eyelash extensions applied is to have false eyelashes which are full synthetic strips of eyelashes. Getting an eyelash technician to apply false eyelash extensions to you is a good idea as you may end up wearing them for a few days, false eyelashes can be applied on your own but it is not avoidable as the chance of them staying in for even a night is slim.. False eyelash extensions became virtually useless as soon as 3d eyelash extensions were introduced to the beauty industry, at the same time false eyelashes contained to be used by people that needed the cheap version applying them themselves or getting their friends to do them for them as 3d lashes were expensive.

Get an eyelash tint in Stevenage

Getting eyelash tinting preformed is to dye the client’s lashes with a special product that if got into the eyes would not cause harm. Eyelash tinting is by far the most under used eyelash extension treatment as it is not that known, eyelash perming and eyelash extensions are more popular although for the ones eyelash tinting works for you will find a group of people that wouldn’t go for anything else.

Eyelash tinting is great if you have fair hair being that the lashes get tinted a darker colour to give the look of fuller lashes. Eyelash tinting makes women with fair hairs lashes look really long and full, if the client also has fairly long lashes they will work better than any other treatment known to many.

Eyelash perming Stevenage

Eyelash perming once the only eyelash extension treatment is not used anywhere as much as it once was mostly due to lovers of eyelash perming moving to eyelash extensions when they came out. Eyelash perming is simply explained as the curling of the eyelashes which can make them look longer and fuller.

Eyelash perming is fairly cheap and lasts longer than any other eyelash extension treatment so if you have lashes which go off in other directions other than straight you might want to try it.

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