Eyelash extensions in Leicester applied at home by our eyelash technicians

Getting eyelash extensions in Leicester is as easy as finding a therapist, booking them as a text and email will go out to your phone with all the details.  You will book you an appointment with an eyelash technician in your part of Leicester to come to your home to apply eyelash extension treatments such as eyelash perming, eyelash tinting, 3d eyelash extensions or false eyelash extensions.

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Semi permanent eyelash extensions in Leicester

Semi permanent eyelash extensions come under allot of different names such as 3d eyelash extensions, individual eyelash extensions, 3d lashes, lash extensions, false eyelash extensions and a few more, not matter what they are called it is safe to say they are the best eyelash treatment on the planet.. The individual eyelash extensions are made from synthetic fibres usually acrylic and are so close to the real thing even the most experienced technician would have ahead time telling them apart.

The technician will now take the fake lashes with care and dip them into the eyelash glue which is specially made for eyelash treatments, after this is done the lashes will be applied to the clients natural lashes one by one until the treatment is done. Now whilst the eyelashes are being applied the technician will work to create the look the client asked for beforehand, the look could be something like glamorous, natural or something more extravagant. The whole point of 3d eyelash extensions and any type of eyelash extensions for that matter is to lengthen the client lashes to a point where mascara or any other type of eyelash enhancements are not needed.

False eyelash extensions in Leicester

The first types of eyelash treatments for extensions were false eyelash extensions which are complete strips of fake eyelashes. You should always get a professional to apply false eyelash extensions because they are very heavy and as they are only meant to be an extension solution for an evening you want to make sure they stay in ALL night! False eyelashes were great for their time but as soon as semi permanent eyelash extensions came in to the picture false eyelashes were know here to be seen.

False eyelash extensions do not require you to be qualified to apply them to yourself or anyone else but it is wiser to let a professional do it for you. False eyelashes are only really made to be worn for one night though you may get more days out of them, being them being one full strip they are heavy and worn for a long time would begin to wear.

If you are looking for a crazy style you will defiantly find some false eyelash extensions that do the trick, semi permanent eyelash extensions weren’t really made for that type of thing are more a solution over a long period which look REAL.

Getting an eyelash tint in Leicester

The dye which is used in eyelash tinting is a vegetable product which is very safe and harmless if it comes into contact within the eyes. Eyelash tinting hasn’t been as taken to as the other eyelash treatments, I think this is due to not enough people knowing about it and that it came about around the same time as eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting is a great treatment which works wonders for the right people. If you have got light colouring in your hair eyelash tinting is the perfect treatment for you and being cheaper than eyelash extensions it great for two reasons. Eyelash tinting not only works great with fair hair but if you also have long lashes you will find it works amazingly well.

Having an eyelash perm in Leicester

Eyelash perming is the perming of the eyelashes which again is not as used as other eyelash treatments and something that should be tried in the quest of acquiring longer eyelashes. To perm your eyelashes is to curl them with the use of special eyelash perming equipment to give them the impression of longer lashes. Eyelash perming works really well for people with long lashes but ones that are not well structured meaning they are not straight and go off in different directions. Eyelash perming can make the lashes curlier and this effect should last for a long time afterwards meaning the client as a lasting effect as essentially the technician is sorting the eyelashes out.

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