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Eyelash extensions in Hull available from Fake Eyelashes providers of mobile eyelash extension services across the UK. You will need to do a search of ouy towns and postcodes to find therapists providing the correct eyelash treatments for you. We have nade it easier for you by listing on this page all of the therapists offering eyelash treatments in the HU areas.

Check out our eyelash technicians working exactly in (HU) Hull. Click below for other therapists covering Hull offering eyelash treatments but not with a Hull postcode as their main location

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3D eyelash extensions in Hull from Fake Eyelashes

Since semi permanent eyelash extensions have come onto the market sales in mascara have plummeted as 3d eyelash extensions take away the need for mascara and in most cases the technician will tell you NOT to wear mascara as it will make them fall out quicker. If you are looking for a natural look 3d eyelash extensions will give the desired effect making the lashes look as if they are yours and taking away the need for mascara. It does not matter where exactly you stay in Hull as we have mobile eyelash technicians based all over ready to come to your home to apply semi permanent eyelash extensions.

False eyelash extensions applied in homes all over Hull

The great styles and colours available with false eyelash extensions makes them still sell very well as a cheap alternative to 3d eyelash extensions which cannot be brought from the shops.. Get false eyelash extensions for a night out as the styles and creating are making and not something created with semi permanent eyelash extensions, false eyelashes applied by an eyelash technician will stay in for more than a night but the weight cuts the amount of time you could wear them. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are so delicate and so fine they will stay in until them lashes fall out (because your lashes WILL fall out at some point), false eyelashes are great for a night out when you want to do something different.

Eyelash tinting treatments avaialble all over Hull

Getting eyelash tinting preformed is to dye the client’s lashes with a special product that if got into the eyes would not cause harm. Eyelash tinting should be used more often as the women eyelash tinting has a great effect on will find eyelash tinting becomes their beauty treatment of choice. Eyelash tinting is perfect for women with fair hair as the whole idea is to tint the lashes a darker shade to give the impression of longer, fuller lashes. Fair hair and long lashes are eyelash tinting perfect match as the outcome is amazing and the price even better.

Eyelash perming in Hull from Fake Eyelashes

Eyelash perming was first in the eyelash extension treatments to appear and due to this is well known but not widely used. If you are getting your eyelashes permed then you will be curling the lashes to make them look longer and more fluttery. Eyelash perming will straighten out eyelashes which are not straight so if you have lengthened but not good structure you will find eyelash perming really good. Eyelash perming can last for a long period of time, far longer than any of the other eyelash treatments and can sort out lashes which are not straight forever.

Always make sure you tell the technicians about any problems you have had with the eyes.

Fake Eyelashes provide eyelash extension treatments in and around Hull in areas such as:

Hessle, North Ferriby, Brough, Beverly, Hornsea, Withernsea, Cottingham

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