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If you live in the postal area of DY then you can get mobile eyelash therapists to come to your home or office to apply false lashes and other eyelash treatments. We have created a list with links going straight to the therapists profiles below, if you are interested in any other home beauty treatments you can click on the ‘therapist directory’ link on the right hand side for more info about our technicians in the Dudley area.

Check out our eyelash technicians working exactly in (DY) Dudley. Click below for other therapists covering Dudley offering eyelash treatments but not with a Dudley postcode as their main location.

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Get 3d eyelash extensions applied in Dudley

Since semi permanent eyelash extensions have come onto the market sales in mascara have plummeted as 3d eyelash extensions take away the need for mascara and in most cases the technician will tell you NOT to wear mascara as it will make them fall out quicker. The reason 3d eyelash extensions have become such a hit is for two reasons, one the product is so close to the real thing they cannot be told apart and two the way they are attached to the lashes makes the eyelashes look natural when really they have been enhanced. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are applied by mobile eyelash technicians all over Dudley

False eyelash extensions in Dudley

False eyelash extensions are complete eyelashes which are fitted to the client’s eyelashes; this was the first type of eyelash extension treatments to use extensions instead of a dye of using curlers. False eyelashes applied by an eyelash technician are guaranteed to stay in all night that is why it is better get a professional to do it as they can be done by yourself, semi permanent eyelash extensions are not possible to apply yourself no matter how go a eyelash technician you are. Get false eyelashes in any of the shops on Dudley or get one of our mobile eyelash technicians in Dudley supply you with the eyelashes and apply them too.

Getting an eyelash tint in Dudley

Eyelash tinting is when you turn your natural eyelashes a darker colour with the use of vegetable dye which is not harmful. Eyelash tinting should be used more often as the women eyelash tinting has a great effect on will find eyelash tinting becomes their beauty treatment of choice/. Eyelash tinting being cheaper than eyelash extensions and lasting longer in some cases becomes the treatment of choice for people with light coloured hair. People with long lashes and fair hair are by far the most common users of the treatment being that it will work so well.

Eyelash perming treatments in Dudley

Eyelash perming may not be the most used eyelash treatment but it is certainly the most well known as it has been being done for hundreds of years. Eyelash perming is simply explained as the curling of the eyelashes which can make them look longer and fuller. Eyelash perming will straighten out eyelashes which are not straight so if you have lengthened but not good structure you will find eyelash perming really good. Eyelash perming lasts the longest out of all the eyelash treatments, eyelash perming in some cases is more a treatment to take the lashes and give them a better direction of growth. Dudley has eyelash technicians based all over so not matter where in Dudley you are you will always be able to get an eyelash technician to come to your home to perm your eyelashes.

Never forget to tell the technician of any eye infections you may have had and that you think might become a problem.

Eyelash extension treatemtns avaaible all over Dudley from Fake Eyelashes mobile eyelash technicians in areas such as:

Sedgley, Tipton, Brierly Hill, Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport-on-Severn

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