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Check out our directory to book any of the eyelash treatments listed on this site in your home anywhere in Chelmsford. The eyelash extensions treatments that are available in your home in Chelmsford are treatments such as eyelash perming, eyelash tinting, 3D eyelash extensions and false eyelash extensions.

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Semi permanent eyelash extensions in Chelmsford

Such pleasure women get out of beauty treatments and eyelash extensions are no different, the new wave of semi permanent eyelash extensions otherwise known as 3D lashes have taken the whole of the UK by storm and now it is not only the rich and famous that are able to indulge in them as Fake Eyelashes have found a way. You would not be able to tell apart 3D eyelash extensions from real eyelashes making 3D lashes he best eyelash treatment to come out in recent years.  No matter where you are located in Chelmsford we will have a mobile eyelash technician not too far away from you who will be able to come to your home to apply any of the eyelash extension treatments listed here.

To apply the extensions to the lashes the technician will need to take the extensions with tweezers and dab them into the eyelash glue, then the extensions will be applied to the lashes that have been separated by the technician to build a style. The technician has now only one thing to do, build on top of the client’s lashes to create a look the client wants. You will never need mascara again with 3D eyelash extensions applied as they create the length you have always wanted without anything else added.

False extensions in Chelmsford from Fake Eyelashes

The first type of eyelash treatments for extensions was false eyelash extensions which are complete strips of fake eyelashes. The weight of the false eyelashes coupled with the fact they are only meant for a night means it is better to get a professional to apply the lashes as they are likely to fall out not done by some professional. The once so popular false eyelash extensions got totally over shadowed by semi permanent eyelash extensions from almost the first day they came onto the market. The great styles and colours available with false eyelash extensions makes them still sell very well as a cheap alternative to 3D eyelash extensions which cannot be brought from the shops. False eyelash extensions are the perfect for a fancy dress party or the like when wanting to look outrageous. 3D lashes are created for a long term look which is natural though an exaggerated look is achievable. False eyelash extensions are more a night out like a fancy dress party where you need to be different. For more info on how to apply false eyelashes yourself check out the page dedicated to it, other than that you can get false eyelashes applied in your home anywhere in Chelmsford from our mobile eyelash technicians in Chelmsford!

Eyelash tinting in Chelmsford from Fake Eyelashes

The dye which is used in eyelash tinting is a vegetable product which is very safe and harmless if it comes into contact within the eyes. Eyelash tinting should be used more often as the women eyelash tinting has a great effect on will find eyelash tinting becomes their beauty treatment of choice. Eyelash tinting is perfect for women with fair hair as the whole idea is to tint the lashes a darker shade to give the impression of longer, fuller lashes. If you have fair hair and quite long eyelashes you will find nothing works as well as eyelash tinting as an extension treatments.

Eyelash perming in Chelmsford from Fake Eyelashes

Eyelash perming has been about for years being the first type of eyelash extension treatment to be applied, although its old it’s still used but not as much as semi permanent eyelash extensions (is anything?). Eyelash perming is perming the eyelashes to make them look longer and fluffier. If you are one of many people that have lashes which are not straight but have length you should find eyelash perming to sort this out and have a long term effect. Eyelash perming straightens out lashes which are wonky and will continue to work well after the treatment has been done. Get your eyelashes permed anywhere in Chelmsford you tell us!!

Tell the technicians about any problems with the eyes such as eye infections you have had before!

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