Eyelash Extensions – What Are They?

There are now a few different types of eyelash extensions available on the market and many people have trouble understanding the difference between them. Here we will go through all the different types of eyelash extensions so you can get a better understanding of them.

Eyelash extensions – The beginning

The first method of eyelash extensions were the full strips of false eyelashes which were applied to the clients eyelashes in one go to create a look of fuller, longer and thicker lashes. This method when it first appeared was an innovation and women all over the world that could afford it went mad for them.

Before that women were using methods to curl their lashes which is known as eyelash perming, eyelash perming methods have advanced over the years and now it is something you can do alone at home. The same can be said for the first false eyelash extensions which are now nowhere near the novelty they once were.

Somewhere between the first fake eyelashes and the new eyelash extension treatments came eyelash tinting which is a process where the clients lashes (if they are light enough in colour) get dyed a darker shade to give the look of thicker lashes with more length. All these treatments listed are now very common and not overly expensive, everything except eyelash tinting can be done at home by yourself.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions

A breakthrough came in the extension of eyelashes recently which is when semi permanent eyelash extensions were born. Semi permanent eyelash extensions or 3D lashes as they are known is a treatment where individual eyelashes are replicated in different lengths, thicknesses and colours. These eyelashes are applied one by one to the clients eyelashes to construct whichever look the client has asked for.

3D eyelash extensions have become very popular and are now the most widely used eyelash extension treatment the world over. Semi permanent eyelash extensions because of how delicately they are applied are much more expensive than any of the other eyelash treatments available today.

For videos showing false eyelashes being applied and semi permanent eyelash extensions being applied check out our page on how to apply false eyelashes.

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