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Mobile eyelash extensions are not eyelash extensions which are on wheels as some may think but it is merely a phrase used when explaining the treatment a mobile eyelash technician provides when applying 3d eyelash extensions in someone’s home.

Getting mobile eyelash extensions applied at your home

The service Fake Eyelashes provides is a mobile one providing mobile eyelash technicians to homes all over the United Kingdom to apply eyelash treatments such as false eyelash extensions, semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting and eyelash perming.

Eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments can be applied at your home, your office, a wedding venue or any other place within reason you tell us. It is most common for mobile eyelash technicians as it is for eyelash technicians that work on a salon that 3d eyelash extensions are the most common eyelash treatment to be applied as they are the most sort after eyelash treatment today in the UK.

This website is not only a portal providing details so you can book a mobile eyelash technician to come to your home but it is also a hub of information about eyelashes, eyelash extensions and all other eyelash treatments and eyelash related information.

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3d Lashes

by admin on July 11, 2010

in Eyelash Services

Not many people really know exactly what 3d lashes are, there are many people that have already had 3d lashes applied and think they are something else but they are not. We all know us women love to make our the eyes stand out and for that reason eyelash treatments and eyelash extensions are perfect!

Basically speaking 3d lashes are semi permanent eyelash extensions, or 3d eyelash extensions or individual eyelash extensions, whichever way you look at it they are the same thing.

Better understanding 3d eyelash extensions

So here we will break it down into the two types of eyelash extensions available which is false eyelash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions. False eyelashes are complete sets of fake eyelashes which are glued directly to the clients natural lashes and are only meant as a solution for longer lashes for a day or so, not permanent at all!

Semi permanent eyelash extensions on the other hand  are very fine individual false eyelashes identical to your real eyelashes which get glued one by one to the clients lashes until the desired look has been achieved.

So what are 3d lashes?

So what exactly are 3d lashes I hear you asking and the answer is 3d lash extensions are just the same as semi permanent eyelash extensions, just named differently. Some people will call fake eyelashes (meaning the full set lashes) anything from false eyelashes, false eyelash extensions, individual eyelash extensions and more. Semi permanent eyelash extensions will get called names such as fake eyelashes, individual eyelashes, 3d eyelash extensions, eyelash extensions, false eyelashes and more.

You will see the same names will be used for each of the different types of eyelash treatments and professional eyelash technicians will understand the different and correct them but in an everyday persons mind the are both right. Both semi permanent eyelash extensions and false eyelash extensions are individual eyelash extensions except one is a full set and the other is individual pieces, I am confusing your right?

For more info about the topic check out this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eyelash_extensions

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False eyelash extensions were firstly complete strips of fake eyelashes which were applied over the client natural lashes. As with most new innovations false eyelashes when they first came about were the most sort after eyelash extension treatment and the price showed.

As things progressed false eyelash extensions became more common and eventually they were mass made and began to sell in shops. At first fake eyelashes were only available in specialist shops but later and up until now the present day you can purchase false eyelashes in service stations, chemists, supermarkets and online.

False eyelash extensions the breakthrough

Now when you hear someone mention false eyelash extensions although it should mean the original fake eyelashes the person could well be talking about the new semi permanent eyelash extensions or 3d lashes. 3d eyelash extensions are the individual kind which cannot be applied by the client and takes an eyelash technician to put them on.

The reason someone could mistakenly call 3d lash extensions false eyelash extensions is because terms get lost in translation and only the in the know really know what the correct terms are.

The future for false eyelash extensions

False eyelash extensions will continue to be miss named but even so the  person will know what they mean and will more than likely understand the difference between false eyelash extensions, semi permanent eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments such as eyelash tinting and eyelash perming.

There is a new form of eyelash extensions coming onto the market which is a more permanent solution but which is also more of a specialist treatment, but weren’t they all once?!

For more false eyelash extensions and semi permanent eyelash extensions will continue to be applied by eyelash technicians in beauty salons and mobile eyelash technicians in peoples homes.

If you want to get your eyelashes extended then you can by one of our mobile eyelash technicians in your part of the UK, all you have to do is :


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Mobile eyelash technicians are a fairly new trend to hit a fairly new industry but one that is taking over as the main way to acquire semi permanent eyelash extensions.

When false eyelash extensions first came into the beauty industry many years ago it was something that could only be provided in a beauty salon or somewhere similar. Now you can by fake eyelashes in your local supermarket and apply them yourself so you can see how far false eyelashes have come.

Eyelash technicians and what they do

With fake eyelash extensions being supplied in local shops, chemists, online and so forth it made eyelash technicians jobs center on eyelash treatments such as eyelash perming and eyelash tinting but more so on eyelash tinting as perming can also be done by the client.

When 3d eyelash extensions came onto the market eyelash technicians far and wide lined up to become trained in the 3d lash extension technique giving new life eyelash technicians. Individual eyelash extensions would be impossible to apply yourself so the client is now in need of an eyelash technician when they want to get eyelash extensions applied.

Mobile eyelash technicians step onto the scene

Beauty salons have a habit of over charging for their services when you can get a mobile hairdresser, mobile nail technician or mobile beauty therapist to come to your home to provide their services and you will receive just as good a treatment as you would if you went to a salon to get it done.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are exactly the same and with salons charging sometimes double what a mobile eyelash technician would charge with the salon keeping the majority of the cash it is little wonder mobile eyelash technicians were born.

Mobile eyelash technicians are now operating all over the UK and the World providing their services to homes, offices, weddings and just about any other place you could possibly need an eyelash technician.

All mobile eyelash technicians that work with Mobile Beauty UK are trained and insured for everyone’s safety. Problems with the eyes and eye infections can happen in salons as well as in your home but with a qualified eyelash technician all the prior precautions will be met so you can trust you will be in safe hands.

To check out what the treatments are like have a look at our page on how to apply false eyelashes and our videos.

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Have you ever wondered how those ladies in the magazines draw attention with their eyes? It may be the contact lens, the eye shadow or the eyebrows. What we barely notice are the eyelashes; unless they become exaggerated. But have you ever wondered how those ladies achieve fuller and thicker lashes in the most natural looking way?

Eyelash extensions around the world

Yes, they’re all unnatural, just natural looking, thanks to cosmetics and semi-permanent eyelashes. The good news is that they are not only available for Hollywood stars and magazine models. They are available to you. The extensions work just like hair extensions. They come as individual lashes which are glued individually to each natural lash on your eyelid. And this is not just ordinary glue. The adhesive is usually clear or black and lasts for a long time. In fact, the extensions stay as long as the lashes stay in your eyelids. The procedure is detailed and sensitive, making it impossible to be done alone. Experienced hands have to do it for you to achieve the fuller looks you want. Don’t worry, it’s all worth it. After the procedure, the full and natural looking eyelashes you used to admire in magazines are yours, for as long as you want.

Don’t get left behind. Most career women have started to enjoy what those thicker and fuller lashes give them, confidence and attention. Women from different walks of life – from office clerks to flight attendants – don’t want to worry about their lashes coming off. Don’t think they exist for magazine models only.

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Do you want to stand out without having to look like it took you a lot of effort? Do you want to be the envy of your friends without making them think that you are trying hard? Do you want to enhance your beauty in a subtle way? Semi permanent eyelash extensions are the perfect thing to enhance your natural eye beauty!

Then consider the latest addition to the line of cosmetic services: semi permanent eyelash extensions. They are so subtle yet dramatic. People won’t notice the eyelashes at first glance but they’ll surely notice you’re confidence and mesmerizing eyes more. They will start to wonder how come you look blooming.

False eyelashes will make your eyes stand out in a way that makes you more attractive. They are the latest trend and no woman has found them either ineffective or inefficient. All who have tried them said that they got the value of what they paid for?

And no, they’re not like the reusable fake eyelashes that come in strips. These look more natural and feel more natural. And perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that semi permanent eyelash extensions can last up to months without taking them off. They last just as long as your natural lashes stay on your eyelids.

Aside from the glamour they add to your facial beauty and the duration the effect can stay on your eyelids, eyelash extensions feel so innate that satisfied customers can break a sweat without worrying about their new lash extensions coming off. They swim, shop, go to work, shower, go outdoors and sleep without taking them off. And they still look and feel glamorous day after day.

Get some 3d eyelash extensions, false lash extensions to enhance your natural eyelashes, if you would prefer a more natural solution chose eyelash tinting or eyelash perming!

We provide ALL eyelash treatments, if you are interested call 07003450042 now!!

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Newsflash someone has just written in an email saying how much she loved her eyelash extensions and what a new sense of well being they have given her. This client whom I shall not say their name gets eyelash extensions applied from us a while ago and have been getting them done ever since but only now has decided to come forward and thank us. She says:

“I had got my eyelashes extended before lots of time with false eyelashes for nights out and had one disastrous first meeting with an eyelash technician that made me not want to go back. Men always say they love my eyes and I am a sucker for compliments so I have always tried to get more focus on my eyes. Day time I work in an office so I cannot have an outrageous look (not that I would) but the kinds of false eyelashes I was using to extend my eyelashes for nights out weren’t work material. After seeing your website advertising eyelash extensions treatment at home I was sceptical but your website was so informative that I figured your eyelash technicians would be good enough. I was right and your eyelash technicians are amazing giving me to chance to enhance my natural eyelashes and them being subtle enough to wear to work with no mascara. I was told not to wear mascara as they will fall out early and that you don’t need it but I just have to put a touch on to give them some extra volume if themes a nice guy about, they fall out early but its worth it I tell you. Thanks for providing a unique service and I will continue to get eyelash extensions from you and tell all my friends”!

That was a nice letter from one of our happy eyelash extensions customers, you should try us out too as we will make you as happy as she was. Call 07003450042 or email info@mobilebeautyuk.co.uk to book eyelash extensions in your front home now!

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