You can think of your eye lashes as being an extension of your eyes and they are extremely important to us not only for improving our appearance. People’s eye lashes vary in length greatly and men are just as likely as women to have long curly eye lashes and that is without having to enhance them! The main function of our eye lashes is to provide protection to our eyes from the environment. They are extremely sensitive to touch and till trigger the eye to close (reflex) if they detect anything coming towards them.

Below are my top 5 weird and wonderful facts you probably never knew about your eye lashes:

  1. Speed of growth: Compared to the hairs on our head, eyelashes grow extremely slowly. To reach full length, an eye lash will take at least 3 months to grow and this may longer if you have an unhealthy life-style which includes smoking and drinking excessive alcohol. The hairs on our head would reach the equivalent length in a third of the time after about one month.
  2. Losing eye lashes: Although the eye lashes take a lot longer to grow then hairs on the rest of our body, we typically keep them for a much longer period of time. We regularly replace the hairs on our head in a natural ‘malting type’ cycle but this is much less frequent with our eye lashes. The average lifespan of an eye lash is around 200 days after which time it naturally falls out and is replaced by another one!
  3. What are eye lashes made from? Our eye lashes are made up of around 4% water and 96% of a protein called Keratin. This is why not drinking sufficient water can affect the appearance of our eye lashes.
  4. What determines the colour? Part of the actual eye lash contains a combination of different coloured pigments.  The combination of these pigments is what gives your eye lashes their colour and tone.
  5. How many eye lashes do we have? This will vary from one individual to another as will the thickness of the eye lashes. The average person will have around 170 eye lashes on the upper eye lid and around 100 eye lashes on the lower eye lid.
  6. And finally a bonus fact to make you cringe! Eye lash mites: 99% of all adults with share their eye lash roots with a worm like mite measuring about half a millimetre in size! If you have oily skin and use a lot of eye makeup you are likely to have a greater number of these. They are thankfully harmless and there is nothing you need to do about them!

And now for some facts about your eyes:

  1. You see with your brain! People don’t realise this but it is actually your brain that you see with and not your eyes. The function of the eye is to gather all the information about the object you are looking at such as its colour and contrast. This information is then sent via your optic nerve to your brain where it is processed for seeing.
  2. Over one millions different parts: The eye has over one million different parts which all have to be working in tandem to give you perfect vision.
  3. We are always born colour blind: When we are born we are unable to see colours at all. This colour recognition develops over the first few months of our lives.
  4. Everyone needs reading glasses as they get older: Regardless of your sex or ethnicity, you are guaranteed to need reading glasses as you get over the age of 45 years old. This is because the lens in your eye that is needed for near focusing begins to lose its power from this age.
  5. Colour blindness only affects men: Although this is strictly not true, 99% of all colour vision problems affects males. The reason for this is due to the fact the defective gene is carried only on the male chromosome. This can help explain some men’s poor fashion sense!

This article was provided by our guest Optometrist Tim, who specialises in all things related to eyes and vision. Tim also writes for his own website which provides detailed information on laser eye surgery including a laser eye surgery forum and laser eye surgery guides.

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Eugene Rimmel was a French businessman that has taken then world of cosmetics to a totally other level. Such was his achievements that the word Rimmel is used as the word for ‘Mascara’ in 6 languages, on mean feet!Eugene Rimmels Advert

How Eugene Rimmel Became

Eugene was born in France but when his father got offered a job managing a cosmetics shop in Bond Street London his family moved, this was to be how he became the cosmetic mogul he became.

Eugene Opens The House of Rimmel

At 24, Eugene opened the ‘House of Rimmel’ and in that very same year he and his father developed their own brand of cosmetics. Eugene was seen by many to be one of the leaders of beauty and healthcare as he was the first to bring scented pomades, mouth rinses and the first of its kind of toilet odouriser known as ‘toilet vinegar’.

Eugene developed non toxic mascara and was the first to bring to the world of cosmetics mail order catalogues as well as being a great marketer!Eugene Rimmels Advert 2

The Prince of Perfumers

Eugene Rimmel was later to become known as the ‘The Prince of Perfumers’ and was granted 10 Royal warrants from heads of states all over Europe for his cosmetics.

Rimmel Mascaras and Rimmel eyelash products are some of the most widely used over the globe and continue to be innovators in the cosmetics industry long after Eugene has gone!


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Maybelline Company was founded in 1915 by a New York chemist T.L Williams in his early 20s, it started when he saw his younger sister applying a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline to her eyelashes to give them a darker and fuller look.Maybelline Company Logo

Maybelline’s First Laboratory

In his small laboratory he produced a product called Lash-Brow-Ine which was sold locally this product was a local hit but the name held it back, his sister who inspired this product was called Maybel so T.L Williams came up with the name Maybelline a combination of Maybel and Vaseline, under this new name Maybelline it achieved it’s legendary name in the field of cosmetics, The Maybelline company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara in 1917 the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use, then in the 1960s they made Ultra Lash which was the first mass-market automatic

Maybelline Company is Sold

T.L Williams then sold his company in 1967 to plough, inc (now schering-plough) in Menphis,Tennessee, The whole cosmetic production facility was moved from Chicago to Memphis over just one weekend, then the company moved its facility to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1975 were its still located.

Schering-Plough sold Maybelline to a New York investment firm Wasserstein porcelain in 1990. The operational headquarters of Maybelline remained in Memphis until being sold in 1996 when the headquarters moved to New York. Then in 2000 the makeup factory moved to Brooklyn New York.

Faces of Maybelline

When Maybelline hired wonder woman star Lynda Carter as the company’s beauty fashion coordinator the company got a boost, Lynda Carter has also appeared in several of its television and print advertisements. Josie Maran, Christy Turlington, Kristin Davis, Adriana Lima, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Marlina Kanakaredes, Zhang Ziyi, Fasha Sandha, Sheetal Mallar, Miranda Kerr have all endorsed Maybelline products.

The current faces of Maybelline are Turlington, Julia Stegner, Jessica White, Erin Wasson, Kemp Muhi and Emily Didonato.

The company adopted its current advertising slogan ‘Maybe She’s Born With It,  Maybe It’s Maybelline’ in 1991.

The company was acquired by L’Oreal in 1996 Maybelline gave L’Oreal access to mass markets in cosmetics.

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Eyelash Extension Risks

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3D Eyelash extensions tend to be fairly expensive and we all know whenever there is something expensive which many people like there will always be someone who comes up with a cheaper alternative. This happens with designer clothes, perfumes, dvd’s, toys and lots of other stuff – the difference is when cutting costs with things like make up it can be very dangerous! The risks with applying eyelash extensions to your own eyelashes is highlighted here.

What Are The Risks Associated With Eyelash Extensions?

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are applied to the eyelashes one by one with a special eyelash glue until a style has been created. To be able to apply 3d lashes legally you have to have enrolled in a training course to become an eyelash technician. Unless you have trained as an eyelash technician you will not able to apply eyelash extensions to people and you will not be able to get any eyelash technician jobs if you went to an interview as they would ask to see your qualifications. If you try to apply 3d eyelash extensions to someone when you haven’t had the proper training you risk really damaging the eyes leaving them blind!

So Who Are Most At Risk?

There are some people out there who are purchasing semi permanent eyelash extension kits over the internet and applying them to friends and some are even posing as a professional eyelash technician and charging people! This is extremely dangerous as they have not gone through the training programme and thus do not know the correct procedures and do not know how to apply false eyelashes correctly!

Risking Applying 3D Lashes To Yourself

Some people will do anything to cut costs and have started to go to even more extreme lengths to get semi permanent eyelash extensions for cheap. These people are attempting to apply 3d eyelash extensions to themselves which is damn right ridiculous! I do not know one of our mobile eyelash technicians who work here at Fake Eyelashes thta would attempt to apply eyelash extensions to themselves as it simply isn’t feasible! Here we show a video on why you should not risk apply semi permanent eyelash extensions to your own eyelashes!

The Risks Of Applying 3D Lashes To Yourself

We hope that this one of our videos has showed you information about the risks of apply eyelash extensions to yourself and without the proper training. If you liked this post please check out more on our blog and search the site by clicking the links on each page to navigate to content associated with that word. We have great tutorials and reviews which are updated frequently for our avid readers.

Be safe!


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Eyelash Technician Jobs

by admin on August 17, 2010

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Are you a qualified eyelash technician are interested in getting some more work? If so Fake Eyelashes has hundreds of job opportunities full or part time all over the UK! Whether you are working as a mobile eyelash technician and your looking to fill up your diary or a salon based eyelash technician who would like more work when you have time off we have it all!

Mobile Beauty UK has jobs for eyelash technicians in all parts of the UK, if you have been looking for eyelash technician jobs you really do not have to look any further. Mobile Beauty UKs ‘therapist search features’ incorperate an online beauty therapist directory and booking system filled with mobile eyelash technicians in the UK. Watch our video below outlining how Mobile Beauty UK’s eyelash technician jobs work:

Eyelash Technician Jobs Video Information

You can try out our online beauty therapist booking system for free for the first three months where you can leave at any time. A booking fee is taken from the client on booking of an eyelash extension job to confirm the appointment after which a text and email will go out to the client and eyelash technician with all the details of the job. Eyelash extension bookings can be cancelled and rescheduled by the technician where again a text and email will go out to both parties with the new booking details.

We Dont Just Provide Jobs For Eyelash Technicians

No matter if you are a mobile eyelash technician, mobile hairdresser, spray tanning technician, massage therapist or you provide any other type of mobile beauty treatment we have jobs for you. You work for yourself independently of us or any other work commitments you may have as you set the times and dates you are available!

If you are interested in becoming a mobile eyelash technician and receiveing jobs from Mobile Beauty UK at:

Eyelash technician jobs and jobs for mobile eyelash technicians are provided by, fill up your diary today!

We are recruiting for eyelash technicians in all parts of the UK including:

Luton, ReadingMilton KeynesSlough,  Hemel HempsteadCambridge,ChesterStockportCrewe, Carlisle, Derby, Exeter, Plymouth,  Durham, Sunderland, Stockton-on-Tees, Gateshead, Chelmsford, Basildon, Romford, Southend-on-Sea, Colchester, Harlow, LondonGloucesterBristol,  Hampshire,  SouthamptonPortsmouthBournemouth, Newport, Stevenage,WatfordSt. Albans, Maidstone, Canterbury, BromleyUxbridge, Rochester, Margate,
Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Bolton, Warrington, Leicester, Norfolk, Norwich,  GlasgowEdinburghFife, Newport Dartford, Wrexham, Swansea, Falkirk, Aberdeen, Dumfries, East Lothian, Kilmarnock,NorthamptonPeterboroughEnfield,
Northumberland, Newcastle-upon-TyneNottinghamOxford, Shrewsbury, Taunton, BathStoke-on-TrentWolverhampton, Walsall, IpswichGuildford,Croydon, Cardiff,Sutton, Hull, Kingston-upon Thames,  Brighton,  Redhill,BirminghamCoventry, Solihull, Salisbury, SwindonWorcesterDudley, Scarborough, Doncaster, Wakefield, LeedsSheffieldBradfordHalifax, Harrogate, York

Eyelash Technician Jobs


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Sometimes you get some stuff from the cosmetic shop and you just don’t know how to use it properly. You would wish you had someone to call who can tell you tips and secrets of makeup. Now you can find them on False Eyelashes Info. They are a bunch of girls as into beauty and makeup as you do. And they are willing to share with you all the tips and secrets that can make us all beautiful.

Although it is titled the False Eyelash Info, it provides information on everything from eyelash extensions to lip makeup. I came across a new article on the site last time named “Suncare – 15 Useful Tips”. There are some very practical tips on sun tanning. It reminds me how to thoroughly protect my beauty under the sun. Summer has come. All of you who love sunshine and beach should definitely read about it before you go on to wow someone with your brand new bikini suit.

Another post I recommend is the “36 Best Celebrity Makeup” article. There is not much words to read on this post but the writer gathered 36 fabulous celebrity close up photos and grouped them in different makeup styles. You can see how Keira Knightley demonstrated the nude look and how to make a cute peach look like Paris Hilton. The first step to success is often to imitation.

Another thing I notice on the site is that all the information is nicely categorized. You can find wonderful tips about skin care in the beauty skincare section. There are also a number of detailed step by step guide teaching you how to apply some cosmetic products like false eyelashes (of course). I particularly like the Makeup Tips in which you can find a lot of practical advice on makeup. It talks about some of the latest trends of cosmetics and advices on how to do the styles right. Of course, you can always use the search function on the upper right hand corner of the page to navigate the site.

Finally, if you have any questions about beauty and makeup or want to suggest the authors to write on a particular topic, you are always welcome to leave comments below one of the posts. They are very friendly and answer rather quickly.

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Here at Fake Eyelashes we don’t just take anyone’s word for it when they make a claim as big as what Rapid Lash are making so we have done some searching over the internet to come up with some Rapid Lash reviews so you can get a better idea of whether Rapid Lash could be something to take over from 3d eyelash extensions and other eyelash treatments such as eyelash perming and eyelash tinting?

Rapid Lash Review # 1

Rapid Lash Review # 2

Rapid Lash Review # 3

Rapid Lash Review # 4

Rapid Lash Review # 5

Rapid Lash Review # 6

So it does look as if Rapid Lash eyelash enhancing serum actually works but I do not believe that it can achieve the same results as false eyelashes and semi permanent eyelash extensions (3d lashes), but it does seem to work. Although it works it does seem to come with some complications such as darkening of the eyelashes and eyelids, one set of eyelashes growing faster than the other and itching in some cases.

Leave a comment if you have tried any of these products before? Always check out our blog for info about semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash technicians, mobile eyelash technicians, videos, and other useful pages about eyelashes and eyelash products.

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Rapid Lash

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Rapid Lash is a company that provides an innovation in eyelash enhancing serums which actually works, or supposedly works? Rapid Lash promises that your eyelashes will grow in a matter of days but it is the real deal?

Rapid Lash Company Overview

Rapid Lash in their words = “It’s an innovative, safe paraben-free, high performance formula that helps lengthen, thicken, and improve the condition of your lashes and brows in as little as 30 days with a simple, once-a-day application. It delivers potent polypeptides to amplify length, thickness and volume, essential proteins, vitamins to replenish, condition and fortify, and other moisturizing and rejuvenating agents that replenish the lashes, while adding shine and elasticity .”

Whether this is true or not is down to you the buyer but since it has come out women have been going crazy for it so something must be working. Rapid Lash is not the only eyelash enhancing serum on the market but none have had the same affect as Rapid Lashes product.

Rapid Lash Information Video

So there you have it, obviously this is a video compiled by Rapid Lash so it is bound to offer the best bits but for a more real account out our Rapid Lash reviews page or our blog.

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Today women all over the UK and beyond are going totally crazy for Rapid Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum which apparently enhances the client’s lashes in some cases after only 4 days! Boots who have been stocking the item have been inundated with enquires to buy and even had client crash their website due to over capacity!

Rapid Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

By all accounts Rapid Lashes eyelash enhancing serum is a technical breakthrough with clients experiencing longer lashes after only a few days use but the way it all came about has been even more astounding!

Women with the eye condition glaucoma have been given eye drops to help the condition which contained something called prostaglandin. These same clients found not only that their condition was getting better but also that their eyelashes were getting longer. Because of these tests were carried out where it was found that nearly all clients involved in the tests eyelashes grew noticeably.

The Birth of the Eyelash Enhancing Serums

Rapid Lash was not in fact the first to produce an eyelash enhancing serum but they do seem to be the first to produce one that really works! Boots who have been the main stockist of Rapid Lashes products also have their own eyelash serum called No7 Protect and Perfect but this has in no way had they affect of Rapid Lashes serum!

The stampede for this product has been reminiscent of when semi permanent eyelash extensions or 3d lashes first came onto the market but as the price is much lower many more people can afford it. The need to grow the eyelashes ironically came from women going over the top with false eyelash extensions.

Enhancing Your Eyelashes Incorrectly Can Stunt Growth

False eyelashes are available in shops all over the UK and unlike 3d eyelash extensions you can apply them yourself. Women wanting the same exaggerated look as Katie Price and Cheryl Cole not knowing that they get theirs done by professionals have began to apply false eyelash extensions in twos and threes which is not advised.

Unlike eyelash extensions which are individual and lightweight false eyelashes are complete strips of fake eyelashes which are applied directly onto the persons eyelashes but due to the weight and the amount of glue that is applied this overly done causes great damage to the eyelashes and in some cases even stops grow totally!

We will continue to monitor the reaction to Rapid Lashes Eyelash Enhancing Serum and other eyelash serums to see if there are any side effects and if it does work as well as people are saying it does. Be sure to stay tuned into our blog for all future updates!

Check out our Rapid Lash reviews page

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Here at we understand that not everyone knows exactly the best ways to go about certain things such as how to apply false eyelashes and other eye make up topics.

Following on from our very successful page showing how to apply false eyelashes we are now bringing to you how to remove false eyelashes as this is another area where people are not 100%sure how to do it correctly.

Removing false eyelashes can become tricky and at worst can lead to lose of natural eyelashes and eye infections, the eyes are very delicate and when carrying out something like this you should always make sure you know what you are doing!

Here we bring to you another great video showing you exactly how you should remove false eyelashes so as you will not be stuck in any of the above situations from doing it wrong.

Here is a video showing how to remove false eyelashes process:

How to remove false eyelashes video tutorial

As you see the process is very easy but it has to be done correctly to make sure you look after your eyes as eye care is very important to us all at!

You will also notice that she has removed the eyelashes with such care that she has not damaged the lash extensions and she will be able to use the same false eyelashes again and again as long as she takes care.

Here at we want to bring to you the most up-to-date information on eyelash products, eye make up tips, videos and much more as we beleive in not just trying to sell you something but also to teach others that might not be able to afford to get semi permanent eyelash extensions, eyelash perming or eyelash tinting treatments.

You will likely be interested in this page on cleaning false eyelashes.

Keep checking back to the site to find out more info on 3d eyelash extensions, eye make up tips, useful pages, eyelash extensions treatments, videos, stuff on our blog and much more from Fake Eyelashes!!

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